The first step in learning to read is to learn the alphabet. To encourage children to become familiar with the letters of the alphabet, the first stage on The Road to Reading is a set of Alphabet Cards. There is a separate card for each letter of the alphabet, showing the letter in upper case and lower case, followed by pictures of eight objects starting with that letter. There are also cards showing all the letters in upper case and all the letters in lower case. Each letter of the alphabet and each small picture card on each page has a different coloured border.



There are 29 pages of Alphabet Cards. Details about what is on each card is in the Word Lists section. Click the link below to go to the page you want to print.

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The Alphabet in Capital Letters
The Alphabet in Small Letters
The Alphabet in Capital and Small Letters

All the pages are designed to be printed in colour on A4 paper or card, and preferably laminated. They can be used as Flash Cards, as a frieze or wall charts, or bound or tied together to form a book.

The small pictures can be cut apart and used to match with the appropriate Alphabet Card. For a family or class activity, each person can be given one Alphabet Card, and the small pictures can be cut apart and drawn from a heap or box one at a time, the small card going to the first player able to 'read' the word, the winner being the first person to cover all the small pictures on their Alphabet Card. If two sets are printed, the small cards can be cut apart and used to play a Memory Game, matching pairs of cards, the winner being the person with the most pairs when all the cards are used.

When children are familiar with the letters and the way they make up words, the Big Flash Cards can be used to help them learn some easy familiar words.