The Road to Reading includes Flash Cards for 470 words. These include the Ladybird 100 Keywords and over 150 nouns. It is at this stage that the significance of the coloured borders is apparent. The colour used indicates the part of speech. Flash Cards for nouns all have a red border, pronouns have a yellow border, adjectives have an orange border, adverbs have a green border, verbs have a blue border, and other parts of speech are grouped with similar words and have the same colour borders. There are fourteen Flash Cards to each A4 page.


There are 47 pages of Flash Cards. Details about what is on each card is in the Word Lists section. Click the link below to go to the page you want to print.

Nouns: N1 - N2 - N3 - N4 - N5 - N6 - N7 - N8 - N9 - N10 - N11 - N12 - N13
Nouns with pictures: N1 - N2 - N3 - N4 - N5 - N6 - N7 - N8 - N9 - N10 - N11
Adjectives: A1 - A2 - A2 with pictures - A3 - A3 with pictures - A4 - A5 - A6
Pronouns, Adverbs, Prepositions, etc.: PN1 - PN2 - AV1 - PP1 - PP2 - M1 - M2 - M3
Verbs: V1 - V2 - V3 - V4 - V5 - V6 - V7

All the pages are designed to be printed in colour on A4 paper or card, and preferably laminated. They should then be cut into separate cards for each word.

The Flash Cards can be used in the normal way, to familiarise children with the words. There is no need to use all the Flash Cards if the teacher feels the words are not needed yet. The Flash Cards can be used in teaching particular topics, such as colours, fruit, days of the week, etc. Children can match the Flash Card with a picture of an object with the Flash Card for the same word without the picture. It is likely that some children will notice the relevance of the different coloured borders, and this might be a useful time to explain the way sentences are formed.

The Flash Cards are also designed to be used with the Word Cards.