Once children have learned sufficient words, they are ready and anxious to put them together to be able to read stories themselves. The Story Cards take children on from reading individual words, through 'stories' of fourteen words using the Flash Cards, and on to longer stories using smaller print. There are four types of stories in this section. The first two sets are about two children, Edith and Elijah, and their life in a rural African village.

There are ten stories using the same format as the Word Cards, using the same style, which can be used with or without the Flash Cards. They each contain fourteen words, in the same style as the Word Cards, and have the same coloured border to each word to indicate the part of speech. They also have illustrations for some of the nouns. There are five extra pages of Flash Cards which will be needed if Flash Cards are to be used for all these Story Cards at the same time.

Next, there are ten more stories of twenty-eight words each, where the words are in large print but are not separated. The next set of twenty-five stories can be used either for practice in reading or for teaching particular sounds (such as oo, oa, ou, ow, oak, ock, ack). All these stories are designed to fit on one side of an A4 page.



There are 50 pages to print for this section. Details of the words used are in the Word Lists section. Click the link below to go to the page you want to print.

Stories to use with Flash Cards: S1 - S2 - S3 - S4 - S5 - S6 - S7 - S8 - S9 - S10
Extra Flash Cards: SF1 - SF2 - SF3 - SF4 - SF5
Stories without Flash Cards: S11 - S12 - S13 - S14 - S15 - S16 - S17 - S18 - S19 - S20
Stories with particular Sounds:S21 - S22 - S23 - S24 - S25 - S26 - S27 - S28 - S29 - S30 - S31 - S32 - S33 - S34 - S35 - S36 - S37 - S38 - S39 - S40 - S41 - S42 - S43 - S24 - S45

The Road to Reading was originally written for use in Community Schools in rural parts of Africa, so the names of the children and their environment may be different from those in the UK. Parents and teachers may need to explain some of the differences (crocodiles are quite familiar to children in Africa!).

The next set of Story Cards is in smaller print. These stories are designed to fit on either one or both sides of one sheet of A4 paper. They vary from around eighty to over five hundred words. Because there are 100 stories here, the details are on the next page.