The words included in the cards which make up this scheme are listed here. For lists of words on individual Word Cards and more information about the Story Cards, please see the next page.


The words illustrated for each letter of the alphabet are:

Aa - apple, aeroplane, Africa, antelope, apricots, arrow, avocado, axe
Bb - baby, ball, banana, beetle, blackboard, bottle, box, button
Cc - cage, cake, can, cart, coat, coin, crayons, crown
Dd - daisy, dish, doll, door, dress, drink, drum, duck
Ee - eagle, ear, eggplant, eggs, eland, elephant, envelope, eye
Ff - fairy, farmer, feather, foot, flag, flower, fork, fruit
Gg - genie, girl, glasses, goose, gnu, grapes, green, guinea fowl
Hh - hairbrush, hammer, hand, hay, heel, hippopotamus, hoe, hut
Ii - ice, ice cream, ice lolly, impala, ink, insect, iris, ivory
Jj - jacket, jam jar, jar, jerry can, jewels, jug, juice, jumper
Kk - kettle, kid, king, kite, kitten, kiwi fruit, knife, knot
Ll - lamp, Land Rover, leaf, lemon, lime, locust, log, lorry
Mm - maize, man, map, mat, money, monkey, moon, mug
Nn - nail, needle, nest, net, newspaper, nun, nutmeg, nuts
Oo - oil, oil lamp, okapi, olives, orange, ostrich, ox, ox pecker
Pp - paddles, paints, paper clip, pawpaw, peanut, pelican, pencil, princess
Qq - quaich, quail finch, queen, quetzal, queue, quiche, quills, quilt
Rr - rainbow, rake, rhinoceros, ring, robe, rope, rubber, ruler
Ss - sack, sandals, saucepan, scissors, ship, snail, spider, string
Tt - table, tap, teacher, teapot, till, tin, tomato, tractor
Uu - Uganda, ugli fruit, ultramarine, umbel, umbrella, uncle, unicorn, unicycle
Vv - van, vase, vat, vegetables, village weaver, vine, volcano, vulture
Ww - warthog, web, well, wheel, windmill, witch, wool, worm
Xx - x-ray, xeranthemum, xerophyte, xerox, Xerxes, xhosa, xylem, xylophone
Yy - yacht, yak, yam, yarn, yellow, yellow canary, yoke, yolk
Zz - Zambia, zamia, zebra, zero, zinnia, zip, zodiac, zucchini


The words on the Flash Cards and Word Cards, in alphabetical order, are:

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