The first ten Story Cards are designed to be used with the Flash Cards. The stories are:

S-1 - This is Edith. She lives with her mother and father and her sister, Ruth.
S-2 - Here is Elijah. He lives with Edith and her family with his two brothers.
S-3 - Elijah and his brother play. Their brother Nathan is too small to play.
S-4 - Edith has a big sister, Ruth. Ruth likes to play with her yellow kite.
S-5 - Some men in the village have bicycles. One man has an old orange car.
S-6 - Edith and Elijah go for a walk. They see a snake and run home.
S-7 - It is too hot to play, so all the children sit under a tree.
S-8 - There is a mango tree in the village. All the family like the fruit.
S-9 - One day, they go into town on the bus to buy some new chitenjes.
S-10 - There is a mother pig in the village. She has six new baby pigs.

The second level stories are:

S-11 - This is my doll, said Ruth. Do you want to play with my doll? No thank you, said Elijah. I will play with Nathan with my toy car.
S-12 - Every morning, Edith and Elijah take a basket and go to look for eggs. It is good to have chickens. They give you eggs to eat every day.
S-13 - When they work hard, they get hungry. Edith’s mother cooks them a good meal. Ruth helps her mother to cook dinner. She puts the food in the pot.
S-14 - Some of the men go out in their canoes to fish in the river. There is a big green crocodile in the river. It eats all the fish..
S-15 - The children go to school. They are learning to read and write at school. Elijah said I can write my name now. Can you write your name, Edith?
S-16 - The cat sat on the mat. It ate a rat, so it is fat. The dog is thin. It does not have any food, and it is hungry.
S-17 - Edith’s father has a big watermelon. He got it at the market in town. If you plant the seeds of a watermelon, you will get new watermelon plants.
S-18 - The children see many animals in the village. They saw a lizard on a tree. It ran fast. Elijah saw a mantis in the hut. It went slowly.
S-19 - The caterpillar eats the plant. The bird eats the caterpillar. The bird grows fat. The bird has a nest in the tree. There are eggs in the nest.
S-20 - Elijah and his brothers, and Edith and her sister, all live in the hut with Edith’s father and mother. They are all happy to live in the village.

The groups of letters and words used in the next set of 25 stories are:

S-21 (-ight) - bright, light, might, night, sight
S-22 (-oo) - book, cook, cookery, look, rook
S-23 (-in) - bin, din, in, pin, tin
S-24 (-oat) - boat, float, goat
S-25 (-ea) - beat, eat, heat, meat
S-26 (-ore) - more, sore, tore, wore
S-27 (-oke) - broke, joke, poke, woke
S-28 (-ake) - bake, cake, make, take
S-29 (-o) - bog, dog, fog, frog, jog, log
S-30 (-ide) - hide, side, wide
S-31 (-ay) - day, hay, lay, may
S-32 (-ou) - bounce, mouse, pounce; (-all) - ball, hall
S-33 (-ill) - bill, fill, till, will
S-34 (-old) - cold, gold, old, sold; (-ug) - mug, rug
S-35 (-ack) - back, packs, racks, sacks, stacks, track
S-36 (-ig) - big, dig, fig, pig
S-37 (-ou) - around, found, ground, mound, sound; (-ay) - away, day; (-oo) - footprint, looked
S-38 (-ock) - cock, rock, sock, unlocked; (-ow) - crowed, throw
S-39 (-ee) - steel, wheels; ( -oo) - good, wood
S-40 (-ine) - dine, fine, pine, vine, wine
S-41 (-oi) - coiled, foiled, spoiled, toil; (-ay) - away, day
S-42 (-ar) - bark, dark, hark, marks; (-ou) - around, ground
S-43 (-ow) - grow, know, row, sow; (-ake) - make, rake, take; (-ee) - needs, seeds
S-44 -(other) - another, brother, mother, other
S-45 (-at) - cat, fat, hat, mat, rat, sat; (-all) - ball, fall

The themes, titles and length of the last set of Story Cards are:

Fairy Tales from Around the World

T1   - John Guards the Door (89 words)
T2   - The Two Frogs (87 words)
T3   - The No Monster (144 words)
T4   - The Fisherman and the Bear (170 words)
T5   - The Ugly Duckling (193 words)
T6   - The Mooncake (192 words)
T7   - The Fairy Tulips (148 words)
T8   - The Magic Pot (240 words)
T9   - The Frog Prince (270 words)
T10 - The Monkey and the Crocodile (284 words)
T11 - Old Age (126 words)
T12 - Make Haste Slowly (136 words)
T13 - The Grocer and his Horse (149 words)
T14 - Interdependence (163 words)
T15 - The Princess and the Pea (182 words)
T16 - Master of the Game (199 words)
T17 - Struck by Lightning (197 words)
T18 - Superstition (299 words)
T19 - The Man who Wanted Nothing (370 words)
T20 - The Three Spinners (439 words)

Traditional African Tales

A1   - The Chicken and the Jackal (92 words)
A2   - Clever Jackal Gets Away (147 words)
A3   - The Honeyguide's Revenge (197 words)
A4   - Tiger and the Big Wind (189 words)
A5   - The Ostrich and the Lion (207 words)
A6   - The Jackal and the Monkey (197 words)
A7   - Jabu and the Lion (270 words)
A8   - Black Snake and the Eggs (215 words)
A9   - The Jackal and the Leopard (297 words)
A10 - The Rabbit and the Money Crop (487 words)
A11 - The Wax Children (151 words)
A12 - Two Boys and a Fire (158 words)
A13 - The Wise Snail (159 words)
A14 - The Food Tree (216 words)
A15 - The Leopard and Her Cubs (213 words)
A16 - The Farmer and the Fairies (224 words)
A17 - The Tortoise and the Elephant (307 words)
A18 - The Guinea Fowl Child (277 words)
A19 - The Royal Servant (261 words)
A20 - The Gameboard (397 words)

Aesop's Fables

F1   - The Fox and the Grapes (68 words)
F2   - The Ant and the Dove (101 words)
F3   - The Ants and the Grasshopper (91 words)
F4   - The Bird and the Bat (102 words)
F5   - The Fox and the Goat (111 words)
F6   - The Hare and the Tortoise (172 words)
F7   - The Fox and the Crane (179 words)
F8   - The Boy who Cried Wolf (219 words)
F9   - The Fox and the Cat (187 words)
F10 - The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse (325 words)
F11 - The Crow and the Water (82 words)
F12 - The Bat and the Weasels (111 words)
F13 - The Lion, the Fox and the Donkey (130 words)
F14 - The Wind and the Sun (149 words)
F15 - The Miser and his Gold (155 words)
F16 - The Farmer and the Stork (162 words)
F17 - The Goose that Laid Golden Eggs (163 words)
F18 - The Fox and the Crow (178 words)
F19 - The Widow and her Maids (182 words)
F20 - The Crow and the Peacocks (179 words)

How and Why Stories

W1   - How the Days got their Names (177 words)
W2   - Why the Sky is so High (197 words)
W3   - Why the Cheetah has Marks on its Face(190 words)
W4   - Why we have Day and Night (198 words)
W5   - How the Elephant Got his Trunk (229 words)
W6   - How we got the Seasons (224 words)
W7   - How the Rhinoceros Got his Skin (235 words)
W8   - Why the Crocodile has a Rough Back (211 words)
W9   - How the Camel Got his Hump (314 words)
W10 - How the Leopard Got his Spots (384 words)
W11 - Why Worms Live Under the Ground (115 words)
W12 - Why the Banana Tree has Big Leaves (128 words)
W13 - Why Coconuts Have Eyes (135 words)
W14 - Why the Bat Flies at Night (166 words)
W15 - Why the Ostrich Doesn't Fly (171 words)
W16 - How we Got Thunder and Lightning (186 words)
W17 - How the Tortoise broke his Shell (181 words)
W18 - Why the Hippopotamus Lives in Water (266 words)
W19 - Why Some Trees are Evergreen (284 words)
W20 - Why the Sun and the Moon Live in the Sky (312 words)

Greek Myths and Legends

G1   - Niobe (90 words)
G2   - Achilles (97 words)
G3   - The Trojan Horse (105 words)
G4   - Daedalus and Icarus (149 words)
G5   - Arachne (136 words)
G6   - Pandora's Box (178 words)
G7   - Penelope (134 words)
G8   - Prometheus (145 words)
G9   - Atlas (164 words)
G10 - Perseus (377 words)

Tales From the Arabian Nights

N1   - The Old Man of the Sea (212 words)
N2   - The Holy Man and the Princess (250 words)
N3   - Sinbad and the Diamonds (254 words)
N4   - The Old Man and the Beggar (292 words)
N5   - The Elephants' Graveyard (313 words)
N6   - Broken Glass (434 words)
N7   - The Ox and the Donkey (439 words)
N8   - Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (546 words)
N9   - The Jar of Olives (567 words)
N10 - The Death of a Hunchback (499 words)